Grocery Store

The grocery store is the largest of the shops on display at Oakham Treasures. Stocked from floor to ceiling behind the original shop counters and weighing scales, there is a vast array of not only real live grocery contents, but their packaging, merchandising and advertising signs as well!

The store provides a fascinating view of the vast number of grocery brands in existence throughout the 20th century. Famous names such as OXO, Coca Cola, Colman’s, Heinz and Huntley and Palmers have all changed little in appearance, whereas others, such as Birds Egg Substitute, Smiths Crisps and Black Boy Coffee are all long gone!

As you browse through shelf upon shelf of stock, you’ll be amazed at just how many old products you recognise from your past. Do you remember doing the laundry with Rinso, Fairy Snow, Drive, Clozone, Fab or even Omo? It’s all here in this vast treasure trove of grocery items, just waiting to be rediscovered by you on your nostalgic trip down memory lane!