Week 21 2024

I’d Love a Babycham

Babycham is the trade name of a light, sparkling Perry invented by Francis Showering, a brewer in Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

Always on the lookout for new drinks Francis Showering started his research into the fermentation of fruit juices, first with the idea of improving cider, but then realising that Perry from Perry pears – worked much better. He came up with a clear sparking drink made from pear juice and launched the product himself using the Bristol area as a test market.

In 1950 the drink was bottled, initially in larger bottles then later in the trademark “baby” bottles. In the years that followed the Perry was entered into competitions at all major agricultural shows in the county, it won 1st prize every time and the new Perry became known as “Baby Champ”

Babycham was launched nationally in 1953, with pioneering television advertisements to appeal specifically to women. It was also the first alcoholic product to be advertised on UK television.