Week 21 2024

Regal Splendour

Beautifully elegant, scultpted by Richard Roberts’ for Border Fine Arts is an evocative figurine cleverly portraying the regal presence of one of Britain’s most celebrated imported exotic birds.

Perched on an armillary sphere, this stylish interpretation of the Peacock uniquely captures the essence of a country house estate and its most colourful adornment. The dramatic display of the male Common Peafowl, now more readily known as the Peacock, has become a familiar sight in Britain. However, the manicured parks and gardens in which you will find this spectacular bird today are quite a contrast to its native Asian habitat. There it favours deciduous forests flanking hillsides, ideally with thick undergrowth and thorny creepers.

The iridescent bird has been associated with legends and superstitions around the world. Ours is resting on a specially chosen sphere. The rings of an armillary sphere, representing the celestial heavens, were used by early astronomers to chart the position of the stars. Now, this truly stunning figurine has been created to celebrate the Millennium, with one of our most famous exotic birds.

Our Regal Splendour is numbered 337 out of a limited edition of 500.